My Life!!

“Sure Enough”, The first thing I did this morning when I woke up Was thank God,  Then I made my way over to my laptop, checked my Pay Pal and  “Sure Enough” there was something more than what I left in there when I went to sleep.  Thanks to Infinity Downline!!

Let me tell you about how I ended up being my own boss:


I am 30 Years Old, and I live in New York City. I am Married and have 6 Beautiful Kids. I am a Full Time Network Marketer, Social Network Marketer, and I Love Helping Others Make Money Online as well As Making Money Myself. I Also Do Travel Planning to Belize And Other Destinations Around The World. I am the creator of “I Wanna Be A Millionaire” Fan Page on Face Book I have big plans for everyone on that page to really become a millionaire if they are serious about it. I also Write A Daily Blog About The Natural Wonders of Belize @ (, Interesting stuff!!


It All Started for Me After Leaving High School in June of 1997, I tried college for a semester and decided that that’s not for me, by then I already had my first child in the making so I decided to go find a JOB.


My first job was a really exciting one, I Got A Job As A “Common Laborer” On A Shrimp Farm. I can Still Remember The First Day I went to Work There, That day they had Post Larvae arriving from the hatchery to put into the ponds through a process called Acclimation. I unloaded boxes containing the larvae and placed them in tubs for the Acclimation. The only bad thing was at the end of the Acclimation you got to take the tubs as far as possible into the ponds and empty the larvae from the tubs it was crazy a horrible job, but I bared with it for a month before the lab Manager noticed that i had a high school diploma and gave me a job in the water quality lab as her assistant, the money was little but I needed it so I stayed and I learned what I could About Water Quality. Any way to make it short I Worked in the Lab for about a year and a half and then i was promoted to supervisor, I continue working there for five years and then Was Fired for Missing Work On A Saturday. So I decided to Go back to my home Town Punta Gorda, Belize and finish School, With Intentions of Getting A Degree in Business Administration.


After I was finished with School I went to work in the Tourism and Travel Business for almost two Years And Then I came to New York To Live. Here I was doing construction because my uncle owned a construction company. Then in came the Recession, that’s when I turned to Network Marketing And Social Media Marketing which I have Also Been Studying on my spare time. I educated my self as much as i could have and I started a career from it all from the comfort of my home. It’s Awesome I Teach Others How to Make Nice Money Online, Share my knowledge With Them, Make New Friends Everyday, and Best Part of it All I make Money doing it Also. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MAKING GREAT MONEY ONLINE OR ANYTHING ELSE CONTACT ME NOW BY SENDING ME A MESSAGE, ASK ME ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.. or Visit This Site and see what changed my life for the better.

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