Belize’s Largest Lizard (Iguana)

By: fptravels

Mar 31 2010

Category: Travel

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Iguana – iguana : Largest lizard in Belize ; males can grow to 10 feet, including tail. They are mostly arboreal and good swimmers. Only young green iguanas  are bright green; adults are much duller; females dark grayish; males olive (with orangish to red heads in breeding season). All have characteristic round cheek scale and smooth tails. A delicacy with the locals who call it ëBamboo Chickení. Also Ctenosaura similis a.k.a. black or spiny, iguana. Large (18-inch tail), tan lizard with four dark bands on body and a tail ringed with rows of sharp curved spines. Terrestrial and arboreal, it sleeps in burrows of tree hollows. Though mostly vegetarian, it consumes small creatures. Seen along the coast in the dry north and in wetter areas farther south.

 Belizean girl eating curried Iguana, It’s a delicacy in Belize!!
Video about Iguanas.

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